Saturday, January 5, 2013

Trip Goals.


By popular request, I am going to spray everyone with a bunch of my goals for the trip. I have quite a few. I am also learning how to post pictures on here... here goes:

Grade specific goals:

- 3 V11s
- 6 V10s
- 12 V9s
- 24 V8s

Bonus Goal: Climb a V12  

Climb specific goals:

Big and/or New:

- Golden Harvest, V10, Rocktown, GA
Golden Harvest Boulder (not me climbing) Photo by Ralph (?)

- Riverdance, V9, Dayton Pocket,TN
- Lord of the Dance (?), V11, Dayton Pocket, TN
- The Law, V11, LRC, TN
- House of Leaves, V8, LRC, TN
- God Module, V11, HP40, AL
-Mulletino, V7, HP40, AL
- Mortal Combat, V4, HP40, AL
Mortal Combat (not me climbing) (

- Fingerhut, V10, Joe's Valley, UT
- Resident Evil, V10, Joe's Valley, UT
Resident Evil

- Beyond Life, V10, Joe's Valley, UT
- Wind Below, V7, Joe's Valley, UT
- Worst Case Scenario, V9, Joe's Valley, UT

If we get there:

- Fred's Roof, V10?, Cowell, AR
- Ab Lounge, V10, Cowell, AR
Ab Lounge this spring.

- Full Service, V10 Hueco Tanks, TX
- The Fountainhead, V9, Red Rocks, NV
- Too much to list in Bishop...


Wrapping up undone projects:

- Tennessee Thong, V7, LRC, TN 
Anthony on Tennessee Thong

- Hammerhead, V5, HP40, TN
- The Lion's Share, V9, Red Rocks, NV
- Bring The Heatwhole, V8, Joe's Valley, UT
Bring The Heatwhole (yes, that is a double-kneebar)

- Midnight Lightning, V8, Yosemite, CA
Midnight Lightning

Trip-Long Goals:

- Flash/Onsight every V7 I get on

Any other suggestions?


  1. I have a suggestion. How about an extended goal list? Something about the rest of the trip, something more than problems and V's and digits? I challenge you to write up a "creative" list of what to do on rest days, how much cooking you will commit to, how much research and communications you will get done for the "project," etc.
    I honestly think that could be fun and rewarding for you and your relationship as you and your girl take on this trip as a team.
    Or, a Travel List: list what exactly you are bringing.
    Or, who are your sponsors for the trip, real or imagined?
    Or, think about how you can get peeps involved more in your blog. What can you write, ask, do in order to get comments/feedback/ideas?

    Or, just stick with grades. That's easier. WINK WINK and a big smile, upside down.

  2. Ah Tyler, great minds do think alike.

    After completing this entry, I had a lack of fulfillment from the post. As I was typing it, my urge to add each and every detail about our trip grew and grew. After getting through the tick list that I was asked to post by the Reddit community, I saw that it was about 1am and I had been on the computer for far too long. I wanted to go to bed. So I decided to leave the softer specifications of the trip, and the bigger picture, to be flushed out in later posts. Judging by your comment, you will be eagerly awaiting the next few entries. I'm glad we're both syked. :)

  3. I have a recommendation: Don't get too hung up on flashing things. Try hard to flash EVERYTHING...but don't worry if you don't. Especially at Joe's, where grades are especially all over the place. Water Painting, e.g., is one of the hardest V7s on the planet, IMHO. And Dunkin Donuts was one of the easiest 10's. Again, IMHO.

    Also, don't get too hung up on projects. Resident Evil is pretty cool (and you might even flash it!) but within a stone's throw are a bunch of awesome V3-7s that would also make a good day.

    Anyway, goals are amazing. Not having a goal can be even cooler. Jus' sayin'. That said, I can't wait to see what goals you complete (especially God Module...that one's amazing. But don't miss out on Skywalker!)

  4. I agree with Spenser. pull a Charizard and just go find yourself every once and a while.